World of New Beauty Care
for True-Nature-Seekers


Be Naturally Beautiful
with Intrinsic Beaty Care

Beauty Basics offers lifelong beauty care
for natural beauty.

You should focus on facial muscles
(structural framework of face)
to maintain young and attractive facial features.

With structural framework of face toned up,
your face will dramatically change.
It is indeed “Scalpel-Free Plastic Surgery.”

Just imagine yourself loving yourself
with no covering yourself up,
no adorning yourself and even no doing a makeup!

Why don’t you experience the new beauty care
with base of beauty toned up?


How is your innate beauty brought out?

Both Face Muscle Training and Cosmetic Acupuncture are designed for the people who are interested in bringing out their innate beauty.
Let us show you how it works just with muscle training and acupuncture.


<Senkawa Salon> 4-minute walk from the Senkawa station.
 <Ginza Salon> 1-minute walk from the Higashi-ginza station, 4-minute walk from the Ginza station.
※We will let you know the location of Salon after reservation is made.

Opening Hours

<Senkawa Salon> Mon ・ Tue ・ Thurs ・ Sun 10:00a.m.〜19:00p.m.
<Ginza Salon> Reservation not available for new customers